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CP communications provides customized internet solutions for businesses of all sizes. We are committed to adding local IT support solutions with our high speed internet plans. With each plan, 1 hour of IT support per month is included. Our diverse range of internet solutions allow us to provide support for any hardware or software issues that you may have.

Wireless Mesh Networks


Wireless mesh networks are emerging technology; bring the dream of a seamlessly connected world into reality. Wireless mesh networks can easily, effectively and wirelessly, connect your entire site using inexpensive, existing technology. Traditional networks rely on a small number of wired access points or wireless hotspots to connect users. In a wireless mesh network, the connection is spread out amount dozens, or even hundreds of wireless mesh nodes that "talk" to each other to share the network connection across a large area.

Internet plans


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Wifi Retail Analytics



Patrons of your business no mater what the industry are looking to get on wifi. By providing connectivity, business owners can collect valuable data and drive marketing initiatives to encourage customers to return again. Our wifi retail analytics allow you to gain insight on how customers move around your locations and see what preferences they have. Sending our targeted coupons, promos, and collecting valuable customer information has never been easier.

Web Hosting/Email Support


With our web hosting and email support services, we offer a complete solution for your business needs. Making changes to your website or adding an email, can be a simple solution our support team can assist you with.

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