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What is Xplornet?

Xplornet uses the latest equipment from some of the world's leading technology companies. This allows us
to deliver high-speed Internet service that is fast, reliable and affordable to home, business and enterprise
users. The combination of using two service delivery platforms - fixed wireless and satellite - allows us to
reach suburban, rural and remote customers who would otherwise have no access to affordable high-speed

It's everywhere you are

Because Xplornet doesn't rely on wireline technology, it can be installed everywhere in Canada. It's the
ideal high-speed option for individuals and businesses that are un-serviced by other high-speed Internet
providers or underserved by dial-up.

It's very affordable

Xplornet offers home, business and enterprise service packages that are very affordable. Whatever your
speed needs, whatever your budget - we have a service package that's right for you.

It's fast

Depending on which technology is available in your area, we can provide you with a solution that is
significantly faster than dial-up. Our fixed wireless solution can provide you with speeds up to 5.0 Mbps
which is 125x faster than dial-up.* And our satellite solution can provide you with speeds up 2.0 Mbps
which is 50x faster than dial-up.*

No phone line required

Xplornet doesn't require an additional phone line, so you can surf online and chat on the phone at the same

It's always on

With Xplornet there's no need to log off as your Internet connection is always on and always ready.

It's extremely reliable

You can always count on Xplornet's service because we partner with some of today's most reliable
technology leaders, including Motorola, Telesat, HughesNet and Tachyon.

It's all taken care of

When you choose Xplornet you'll receive unsurpassed care and attention - every step of the way. Your
authorized Xplornet dealer will install your complete system and we'll provide ongoing service, remote
monitoring and control. Our technical support team is there for you, offering help and support 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

It's safe and secure

Xplornet uses the most advanced encryption technology available today to keep your personal information
safe and sound.








1. Limited time offer. The $44.99/month price refers to the Starter package. Monthly Service Fee includes the $15/month rental cost of
the Subscriber Module Equipment (Xplornet retains ownership of equipment). As such, subscriber modules carry a limited lifetime
warranty. If for any reason the customer cancels their service the customer is responsible for returning the equipment to Xplornet. The
one-time activation fee is charged on the customer's first invoice and varies by contract term. If customer installation requirements go
beyond the scope of a basic installation, additional fees may apply. For complete details of Xplornet's 30-day money back guarantee
and installation policy, please click here. See participating dealer for details. Taxes will apply. Connection is placed in a Limited state
once monthly bandwidth is exceeded. Additional $5/GB charge applies when exceeding monthly Business plan or 20GB Additional
Usage quotas only.

2. Actual speed online may vary with your choice of package, technical configuration, Internet traffic, server or other factors.

3. When compared to a standard dial-up modem speed of 40 kbps.

4. Static IP only available in certain areas


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